Saturday, August 30, 2008

Frickin' Ragers Season 3 Fantasy Draft

Round 1 (First 4 rounds include keepers, for any lurkers that thing we are awful at drafting)
Farvebugr Scurvy - Tony Romo
Lions for the Win - Joseph Addai
Il Trill - Clinton Portis
Sofa King Awesome - Eli Manning
Columbus Claymores - Adrian Peterson
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Larry Johnson
MAMC Warriors - Ben Roethlisberger
The Indy Surprise - LaDainian Tomlinson
Makin' It Rain - Derek Anderson
Tropics Football - Tom Brady
fraud - Steven Jackson
rojo - Michael Turner

Round 2
Farvebugr Scurvy - TJ Houshmandzadeh
Lions for the Win - Edgerrin James
Il Trill - Peyton Manning
Sofa King Awesome - Marshawn Lynch
Columbus Claymores - Maurice Jones-Drew
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Torry Holt
MAMC Warriors - Marvin Harrison
The Indy Surprise - Marion Barber III
Makin' It Rain - Willis McGahee
Tropics Football - Terrell Owens
fraud - Larry Fitzgerald
rojo - Frank Gore

Round 3
Farvebugr Scurvy - Darren McFadden
Lions for the Win - Carson Palmer
Il Trill - Brandon Jacobs
Sofa King Awesome - Wes Welker
Columbus Claymores - Antonio Gates
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Steve Smith
MAMC Warriors - Laurence Maroney
The Indy Surprise - Reggie Wayne
Makin' It Rain - Braylon Edwards
Tropics Football - Brian Westbrook
fraud - Jamal Lewis
rojo - Andre Johnson

Round 4
Farvebugr Scurvy - Chad Johnson
Lions for the Win - Marques Colston
Il Trill - Kellen Winslow
Sofa King Awesome - Earnest Graham
Columbus Claymores - Plaxico Burress
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Ronnie Brown
MAMC Warriors - Willie Parker
The Indy Surprise - Ryan Grant
Makin' It Rain - Reggie Bush
Tropics Football - Randy Moss
fraud - Drew Brees
rojo - Calvin Johnson

Round 5
Farvebugr Scurvy - Jason Witten
Lions for the Win - Brandon Marshall
Il Trill - Santonio Holmes
Columbus Claymores - Anquan Boldin
Sofa King Awesome - Chris Cooley
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Roy Williams
MAMC Warriors - Tony Gonzalez
The Indy Surprise - Roddy White
Makin' It Rain - Greg Jennings
Tropics Football - Jonathan Stewart
fraud - Dwayne Bowe
rojo - Thomas Jones

Round 6
Farvebugr Scurvy - New England Defense
Lions for the Win - Lee Evans
Il Trill - Donald Driver
Columbus Claymores - Hines Ward
Sofa King Awesome - Lavernaeus Coles
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Matt Hasselbeck
MAMC Warriors - Chris Chambers
The Indy Surprise - Dallas Clark
Makin' It Rain - Lendale White
Tropics Football - Jeremy Shockey
fraud - Jerricho Cotchery
rojo - Javon Walker

Round 7
Farvebugr Scurvy - Selvin Young
Lions for the Win - Matt Forte
Il Trill - Santana Moss
Columbus Claymores - Donovan McNabb
Sofa King Awesome - Bernard Berrian
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Todd Heap
MAMC Warriors - Joey Galloway
The Indy Surprise - Rashard Mendenhall
Makin' It Rain - Anthony Gonzalez
Tropics Football - David Garrard
fraud - Kevin Smith
rojo - Marc Bulger

Round 8
Farvebugr Scurvy - Jerry Porter
Lions for the Win - Minnesota Defense
Il Trill - San Diego Defense
Columbus Claymores - Fred Taylor
Sofa King Awesome - Julius Jones
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Patrick Crayton
MAMC Warriors - DeAngelo Williams
The Indy Surprise - Nate Burleson
Makin' It Rain - Jay Cutler
Tropics Football - Ted Ginn Jr.
fraud - Vernon Davis
rojo - Felix Jones

Round 9
Farvebugr Scurvy - Brett Favre
Lions for the Win - Heath Miller
Il Trill - Amani Toomer
Columbus Claymores - Kevin Curtis
Sofa King Awesome - Aaron Rodgers
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Reggie Brown
MAMC Warriors - Chicago Defense
The Indy Surprise - Jon Kitna
Makin' It Rain - Donte Stallworth
Tropics Football - NY Giants Defense
fraud - Pittsburgh Defense
rojo - Owen Daniels

Round 10
Farvebugr Scurvy - Isaac Bruce
Lions for the Win - Darrell Jackson
Il Trill - Kurt Warner
Columbus Claymores - Vince Young
Sofa King Awesome - Indianapolis Defense
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Ahman Green
MAMC Warriors - Matt Schaub
The Indy Surprise - Jacksonville Defense
Makin' It Rain - Seattle Defense
Tropics Football - Vincent Jackson
fraud - Justin Gage
rojo - Dallas Defense

Round 11
Farvebugr Scurvy - Nick Folk
Lions for the Win - Chester Taylor
Il Trill - Derrick Mason
Columbus Claymores - Devin Hester
Sofa King Awesome - Sidney Rice
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Tampa Bay Defense
MAMC Warriors - Bryant Johnson
The Indy Surprise - Jabar Gaffney
Makin' It Rain - Tony Scheffler
Tropics Football - Shayne Graham
fraud - Chris Johnson
rojo - Mushin Muhammad

Round 12
Farvebugr Scurvy - DJ Hackett
Lions for the Win - Jake Delhomme
Il Trill - Chris Perry
Columbus Claymores - Philip Rivers
Sofa King Awesome - Reggie Williams
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Jeff Garcia
MAMC Warriors - Justin Fargas
The Indy Surprise - Ahmad Bradshaw
Makin' It Rain - Deuce McAllister
Tropics Football - Deion Branch
fraud - Jason Campbell
rojo - Matt Ryan

Round 13
Farvebugr Scurvy - JaMarcus Russell
Lions for the Win - Adam Vinatieri
Il Trill - Kenny Watson
Columbus Claymores - Benjamin Watson
Sofa King Awesome - Nate Kaeding
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Alge Crumpler
MAMC Warriors - Stephen Gostkowski
The Indy Surprise - James Hardy
Makin' It Rain - Bobby Engram
Tropics Football - Ricky Williams
fraud - DeSean Jackson
rojo - Eddie Royal

Round 14
Farvebugr Scurvy - Chris Brown
Lions for the Win - Donald Lee
Il Trill - Phil Dawson
Columbus Claymores - Josh Scobee
Sofa King Awesome - Leon Washington
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Jason Hanson
MAMC Warriors - Mark Clayton
The Indy Surprise - Dave Olsen
Makin' It Rain - Jerious Norwood
Tropics Football - Tavaris Jackson
fraud - David Patten
rojo - Ronald Curry

Round 15
Farvebugr Scurvy - Charles Ali
Lions for the Win - Drew Bennett
Il Trill - Ben Utecht
Columbus Claymores - Baltimore Defense
Sofa King Awesome - Shawn McDonald
Jon Kitna's Revenge - Mike Furrey
MAMC Warriors - Marty Booker
The Indy Surprise - Mason Crosby
Makin' It Rain - Robbie Gould
Tropics Football - Antwaan Randle-El
fraud - Rob Bironas
rojo - Jeff Reed

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pizza Hut's Plan to Decrease Sales

Over the past year, Pizza Hut has launched a strategic product line, seemingly with the sole purpose of lowering ticket sales. While this assessment may seem negative, let's closely examine what they have done with 3 products:

1. The Tuscani Pasta Line - Don't get me wrong. I love the diversity that the pasta line has brought to the PH menu. Made strictly the way Pizza Hut wants them, the Creamy Chicken Alfredo and Cheesy Mac & Bacon are outstanding. Plus, they give me a rare opportunity to use silverware. Additionally, they allow me to be creative and make different things than I normally do, such as alfredo pizzas, new marinades for wings, and other TBD recipes. But back on topic: the pasta is marketed to a family of 4 (over 3 lbs./feeds 3-4 adults), and costs $11.99 with 5 breadsticks. If everyone family of 4 orders this, we lose. Families of 4 should be ordering the Family Feast (2 med. 1 top, 5 sticks, 2 liter pop $19.99), or 2 large pizzas ($18.99 with coupon). Though the pastas are an extremely high profit item, sales are what is important to Wall Street, management, and the employees schedule.

2. Bringing back the P'Zone - A great 1400 calorie meal for one, and sometimes shared by 2. A P'Zone costs $5.99, and 2 cost $10.99. The problem with the P'Zone is that it is not an add-on or a suggestive sell (like Hershey's dunkers or 10 WingStreet wings), it is a replacement for more expensive meal items. I seldom deliver more than 2 p'zones on an order, and it is even rarer to deliver p'zones as part of large tickets.

3. The Pizza Mia - The other two items I mentioned were just a warm-up for this one. Seemingly targeted to large families, and sold at a mere $5.00 apiece, this product is attempting to change Pizza Hut's brand image to one that caters to the bottom rung. Instead of families ordering 2 larges, 10 wings, and cheesesticks for the mid-30's, the same family will now order $20 worth of this half-cheese, undertopped pizza. The real shame is that Pizza Hut allows this product to occupy its boxes. This pizza seriously makes the Hot 'N' Ready from Little Caesar's seem like something that a mom & pop shop in North Chicago would sell. This pizza has increased labor demands, over-occupied valuable oven space during peek times, and lowered average ticket prices, profits, and sales for Pizza Hut. I cringe every time somebody asks for this on the phone.